Services to Support Your Spiritual Awakening



In-person spiritual classes and teleclasses available to support your spiritual journey. Free and paid programs are offered year round for your spiritual awakening.

The last Thursday of each month, I offer "Journey into Beyond" a powerful teleclass utilizing creative visualization for transformation. Please contact me for more information!



Be sure to check out the many programs and annual Creative Renewal Retreat hosted by Unity Arts Ministry. In addition, Unity Arts Ministry is hosting a one day spiritual retreat on Saturday, September 7 to support your spiritual journey.

Global Transformation


 Ready to bump your life up a notch so that you experience greater vitality, a sense of empowerment, joy, peace, love and creativity in your life?

Make an appointment today for a one on one "Dancing with the Universe" session with me to support your spiritual awakening. Your spiritual journey and growth is important to the global transformation that is unfolding on the planet at this time!