About me

My spiritual work in the world stems from a deep calling that invites me to share my light in the world more fully. I have spent the last thirty years on a spiritual adventure learning more about both my human and spiritual natures. I am an ordained Unity minister with an M.Div. from Unity Institute and Seminary. 

My post-seminary education includes life coach training plus advanced courses in intuition, creativity and conscious leadership/management. It is my purpose and passion to support individuals and organizations in  exploring what is truly important so that their highest vision in the world can be brought info full manifestation with a deep Spiritual Presence. 

I love teaching spiritual principles that  support others in living from a greater sense of vitality, increased intuition, joy, creativity and peace of mind.  I work with individuals and groups in learning to harness the power of spiritual teachings including the law of attraction, creative visualization, journaling and other tools that transform lives. 

The same light that shine in the spiritual masters, shines within us and calls to be shared with the world! Take a few moments to imagine how your relationships, health, work and leisure time would be impacted as you learn to more fully tap into the wellspring of Spiritual Power. I am honored to support you in unleashing  your True Self on the world and support you in living an empowered, creative, inspired life!

Are you ready to tap into creativity, magic and miracles?

Contact me today to find out more about the work that I do. Feel free to explore the offerings on my site and see how my work would support you.