About Rev. Diana Kennedy

My spiritual work in the world is an invitation for individuals to rewrite the next chapter of their lives and for humanity to boldly live from a deep inner Spiritual Presence. 

It is my purpose and passion to empower you to live from a deeper sense of creative inspiration in every aspect of your life.  I love teaching spiritual principles that  support others in creating a greater sense of vitality, increased intuition, joy, creativity and peace of mind.  I work with individuals and groups in learning to harness the power of spiritual teachings including the law of attraction, creative visualization, journaling and other tools that transform lives. 

Take a few moments to imagine how your relationships, health, work and leisure time would be impacted as you learn to more fully tap into the  wellspring of Spiritual Power! I am honored to support you in unleashing  your True Self on the world and support you in living an empowered,  creative, inspired life!

I am on the leadership team at Unity Arts Ministry. Be sure to check out the creative programs and upcoming one day retreat on Saturday, Sept 7, 2019.  I also highly recommend the powerful work that Rev. Erin McCabe is doing at Unity Village Chapel. Be sure to peruse the website and check out the Sunday Message Livestream archives. If you would like immediate spiritual support, please contact Silent Unity for prayer.

Contact me today to find out more about the work that I do. Feel free to explore the  offerings on my site and see how my work in the world would support you.