About Rev. Diana Kennedy

The spiritual work that I offer is an invitation into living from a powerful place of awareness where you can learn to more fully express your inner Spiritual Presence. Rev. Diana has a way of teaching the law of attraction and uses guided meditation and creative visualization to support you in creating greater vitality, intuition, joy, creativity and peace of mind. 

Begin to imagine how your relationships, health, work and leisure time would be impacted as you learn to more fully tap into this  wellspring of Spiritual Power! I am honored to support you in unleashing  your True Self on the world and support you in living an empowered,  creative, inspired life!
It is my purpose and passion to  empower you to live from a deeper sense of creative inspiration in every  aspect of your life. I  am a Unity Minister and an Artist of Life. Contact me today to find out more about the work that I do.
I  would love to stay in touch with you! Feel free to explore the  offerings on my site and see how my work in the world would support you.

Blessings of light and joy for your journey...